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A job where you can make a difference.

Join the Capstone Video & Dealer Creative team.

We love marketing, advertising, and of course video and audio production.  That's what we're passionate about.

But what meaning does it have if we're not making an impact on the people and companies we serve?

Read below to discover how we strive to do work with meaning and purpose while having fun and pursuing our own highest callings.  And if it lines up with what you believe and what you want out of your career and yourself, get in touch and join the Capstone team.

What we do.  

We are a marketing company and video production experts.  Our customers are marketing and business professionals responsible for some or all aspects of their company’s advertising. 


Why we exist.

We believe that most marketing is soulless and ineffective because it’s loud, cluttered, and not focused on the consumer.  This causes confusion and distrust, and it drives customers away.    

We strive to create video marketing that’s authentic and purposeful.  We help businesses develop a clear and focused message so that shoppers will know, like, and believe them. 

When a company’s marketing is genuine and easy to understand, consumers are more likely to trust them and do business with them.

Just as important are the marketing professionals we serve.  Many days they feel overwhelmed, under pressure, and stressed out.  We've been in their shoes, so we serve them with endless empathy.  Our goal is to be a bright spot in their days and to help them solve the many video marketing and production challenges thrown at them.

What we offer our customers.

car dealer video production services
Video Production

• TV & OTT commercials
• YouTube, Facebook, & video pre-roll ads
• About us, why buy, & explainer videos

audio radio commercial jingle for car dealers
Audio Production

• Radio commercials
• Pandora & streaming radio ads
• Custom jingles

TV studio rental and video shooting in USA and Canada
Shooting & Studio

• 5,200 sq. ft. TV studio w/green screen and cyc wall
• Large talk show set for video content marketing
• On-location shooting with drone, green screen, etc.
• We can shoot anywhere in the USA and Canada

copywriting and graphic design for car dealers

• Copywriting
• Retail & branding campaign development
• Banner ads
• Graphic design, print, identity, and logos

video marketing strategy for auto dealers
Video Marketing & Strategy

• Video strategy development
• Video promotion
• Paid video ad placement
• Video pre-roll & TV/cable media placement

marketing consulting for auto dealers
Speaking & Consulting

• Marketing workshops at automotive industry events
• Keynote speeches and presentations
• Company brand-building
• Friendly voice to talk to when they're having a bad day

How we work.

Our team of experienced video strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, video editors, motion graphics artists, audio production engineers, and project managers are always working to better serve our customers in automotive, retail, and small businesses.

Our environment is very collaborative, and we’re always working together to increase innovation and creativity.   We strengthen and encourage each other daily. Our workspace is a positive, uplifting, and gossip-free zone.

Our team members love what they do and have fun doing it every day.  Our work is deeply rewarding not just because we’re living out our passions, but because we’re making a difference in the lives, careers, and businesses we serve. 

Who we are:  our core values.

excellent video production professionals
Be Excellent.

We do our best work and do the right thing every time.  We tell the truth, honor our commitments, and take responsibility for our errors, even when it’s difficult, expensive, or inconvenient.

empowered video marketing company
Be Empowered.

Our people are our most valuable asset, and they are empowered to utilize their strengths to make the greatest level of impact and experience the highest level of satisfaction.

educated video production and marketing professionals
Be Educated.

We invest time, energy, and resources into learning, training, and growing, as a company and as individuals, so we can serve each other and our customers better than anyone else. 

we show empathy to our video production customers and each other
Be Empathetic.

We show lavish understanding, sensitivity, and caring for each other, our customers, and our vendors, regardless of who’s right or who’s wrong. 

encouragement is key in our video production company
Be Encouraging.

We believe in our mission so deeply that our passion inspires and encourages each other and all we come in contact with.

we show extreme service in our video marketing company
Be Extreme.

We wow our customers with how much thought, effort, and attention to detail we bring to every interaction, strategy, and deliverable, and they feel we are the easiest company to work with. 

Why Join the Capstone Video Marketing Team?

It's about more than making videos.  It's about making a difference.


people at video production company you love to work with

Work you love, wrapped in a purpose.

At Capstone Video Marketing, you can dig deep into your area of specialty.  We provide the tools, training, and encouragement for you to grow both professionally and personally.

We’ve created an environment where you’re not boxed in.  You have the freedom to be creative and innovative.  Experiment all you want!  

We know that when you’re excited about coming to work every day, you’re also going to be excited about helping our customers succeed at their jobs and grow their businesses.  And that’s why we exist.



great benefits at video production company in raleigh nc

Fantastic benefits.

Family relationships, hobbies, vacations, rest, and rejuvenation are key to a healthy and balanced life.  So we place great importance on the time you spend outside of work. 

We don’t expect you to work all hours every evening and weekends.  We want you to have ample time to recharge so you’re at your best when you’re working.  Burnout is not an option.

We provide great benefits like flexible PTO, medical, dental, and vision insurance, and matching 401k retirement plan.

And our monthly Free Lunch Friday is an opportunity to connect with your teammates about stuff other than video marketing.


fun and smart video production company

Smart, fun co-workers.

We make pretty bold promises when it comes to how we want to serve our clients, so we bring on only the best and brightest to execute our mission.  

That means the people you work alongside each day are sharp, attentive, and seek excellence in themselves and their work.  But they’re also humble and quick to lend a helping hand when you need it.

The people you work with here are folks you’ll come to really like, trust, and respect.


intentional in hiring for jobs at video production company in raleigh

A very intentional company.

We’re very intentional in our hiring process.  We only recruit individuals who are deeply talented, extremely competent, and possess impeccable character. 

If you’re positive, confident, and passionate about serving others, you’re the type of person we want on our team.

We are a focused, disciplined, and strategic company, with a well-defined mission and vision.  As a member of our team, you will be highly valued, respected, and trusted to help our organization live out its purpose.  

And in the process, its our intention that you will learn, grow, and succeed in ways you never imagined.

Current Job Openings.

Apply now.

Experienced Sales Representative.

We’re looking for an energetic, relationship-minded sales professional to show businesses how video marketing can help them win new customers.



  • You’ll use outbound tactics (video, e-mail, phone, trade shows, networking events, etc) as well as the online inbound methodology to attract qualified customers, educate them on the benefits of video, and convert them to leads.
  • You’ll nurture those leads, present them with compelling video marketing programs, and convert them into new, satisfied, repeat customers.
  • You’ll cultivate and grow our current customer relationships by identifying their deeper needs, determining how we can solve their problems, and presenting and closing additional deals. 
  • You’ll be the primary point of contact for the customers you serve, you’ll address any problems or concerns they have, and you’ll ensure they are raving fans of our company.  
  • You’ll use HubSpot’s CRM and Sales Hub tools to maintain your contact database, track your entire sales pipeline, and automate many of your routine tasks to become more efficient and free up more time to make more deals.  
  • You’ll work closely with our creative, marketing, and executive teams to ensure our customers are receiving video marketing plans and creative that are improving their businesses and making an impact on them personally.  
  • You’ll also work closely with these departments to identify new products, services, and processes to serve existing and future customers. 



  • BA/BS degree or equivalent work experience.
  • 3-5 years of previous sales and digital marketing experience.
  • An intermediate level knowledge of digital and traditional marketing, including:  internet, social media, SEO, PPC, email marketing, content marketing, television, and radio.
  • A solid grasp of and belief in the power of video.
  • Excellent writer and communicator, creative thinker, and proactive problem solver, with an ability to use data to inform all decisions.
  • Shows empathy and understanding toward customers and prospects, demonstrating we understand the struggles and problems they have.
  • Proficiency in CRM software, keeps accurate and detailed records, and generally organized and process-driven.  
  • Fearless attitude in pursuit of success and personal growth.  Relentless in desire to serve people and making an impact. 

This is a full-time position available now at our Raleigh, NC studios.  Compensation is base salary + commission, with medical, dental, and vision insurance, and matching 401k.  And there are plenty of opportunities for advancement.  

Content Marketing Manager.

We’re looking for an energetic, passionate, and eager-to-learn content creator to write and produce various marketing projects, to blog regularly, and to expand our company’s digital footprint, awareness, and leads. 



  • writes engaging, motivating, and search engine optimized content, including but not limited to:  blogs (2-3 per week), lead magnet content (2-3 per month), landing pages, LinkedIn articles, videos, social media posts, e-mail newsletters, sales pitch decks, etc.  
  • promotes our content on our social media channels, and monitors comments and conversations to determine relevant topics for future content
  • creates, maintains, and executes content calendar; schedules content for release, ensures content is posted as scheduled
  • grows our subscriber base by providing our audience with helpful content that’s in line with their needs
  • collaborates with marketing, sales, and design teams to produce relevant content for all stages of our sales and marketing processes
  • identifies and targets keywords and phrases, and creates content around them
  • uses HubSpot to develop and refine website content and design, and to create marketing campaigns (e-mail, video, social media, etc)
  • uses Vidyard to upload, update, and maintain video library
  • coordinates and directs video shoots for content production
  • gathers data from HubSpot, Vidyard, and Google Analytics to evaluate performance
  • tracks, measures, and reports on content effectiveness  



  • BA/BS degree or equivalent working experience
  • 1-2 years experience producing content for the web
  • past experience building and engaging audiences either online or offline
  • a high level of creativity, attention to detail, and project management skills
  • loves to learn and loves to teach others
  • loves to write, and loves communication in all forms:  text, video, audio
  • understands and works the Inbound Organization philosophy
  • puts people at ease and sees value in everyone they meet
  • works with a mindset of putting our customers first
  • is highly creative and an excellent writer, but is also process-driven, thinks in terms of scale, and uses data to make smart content and marketing decisions

This is a full-time position available now at our Raleigh, NC studios.  Salary range is $40,000-$45,000/year with medical, dental, and vision insurance, matching 401k, and opportunities for advancement.  

Videographer/Motion Graphics Designer.

We’re looking for an energetic, passionate, and eager-to-learn content video professional to create video marketing and advertising content for our company and our customers.  



  • brings scripts to life using video and motion graphics for projects such as marketing videos, video pre-roll ads, television commercials, and more
  • leads studio and on-location video shoots in various capacities:  shooting video, lighting, audio recording, directing talent, interfacing with client, delegating tasks to production assistants/crew, etc.  
  • is the studio manager, responsible for studio setup, configuration, documentation, and maintenance, as well as shooting/studio schedule. 
  • transfers, edits, logs, and organizes footage from studio and on-location shoots.  
  • downloads, edits, logs, and organizes stock footage and creative assets
  • has an eye for graphic design, layout, and typography, and creates content-appropriate compositions which are easily read and understood by the viewer
  • creates, converts, and uploads video files to customers and media platforms.  Understands the various digital and broadcast formats and specifications.
  • (nice to have, but not required) flies and shoots stunning video using professional drone



  • 1-3 years professional experience using Adobe Premiere and After Effects
  • 1-3 years professional experience using video cameras, DSLR cameras, lighting, green screen, and related equipment
  • able to work quickly and efficiently while also delivering video with impact
  • comfortable directing talent; makes talent and customers feel relaxed and at ease 
  • a high level of creativity and commitment to professional growth in video and animation 
  • Is very organized and has project management skills and strong attention to detail
  • works with a desire for customer service, and is sensitive to the pressures and challenges our customers face on a daily and monthly basis
  • Positive, proactive, and productive each day
  • Team-oriented, able and willing to collaborate with co-workers and customers

This is a full-time position available now at our Raleigh, NC studios.  Salary range is $45,000-$55,000/year with medical, dental, and vision insurance, matching 401k, and opportunities for advancement.